Exclusive Diamond Engagement Rings
Exclusive diamond Engagement rings welcome you to our store. In this store we have a wide selection of engagement rings not only with diamonds but also with beautiful color gemstones. Our collection of Exclusive ring Resolve around three major gemstones such as Ruby, sapphire, emerald. But we also have a lot of other precious and semi precious gemstones such as Garnet, citrine, amethyst, peridot, iolite, Smoky Quartz, Blue topaz and many more. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Exclusive diamond engagement rings form Jaipur India. We Export all this rings to worldwide to resellers, importers, jewelry stores and branded jewelry shops. We Export Via Speed post and UPS and FedEx. We accept payment via credit card, pay pal, and Bank. We export to USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For individual order we provide Gift boxes for your exclusive diamond engagement ring. Most of our Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings are Handmade or hand crafted . they follow modern as well as tradition style and fashion. We manufacture Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings in 18kt , 14kt , 10kt white and yellow gold. We also offer customize facility to our customer. Same model can be in either Yellow or White. Even stones can be interchange and size can be alter.

Please do not forget to mention you ring size while ordering for your exclusive diamond engagement rings. And Also feel free to ask us any concern or query you have. Rainbow of Color for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Sapphires, rubies and emeralds, once considered the only “appropriate” gemstones able to be incorporated into Silver or Gold engagement rings, are now making way for a rainbow of colorful gemstones engagement ring. Tanzanite, garnet and pink sapphire are just a sampling of gems being used as side stones and occasionally as a center stone. Our Designer loves the idea of women wearing color in their engagement rings without spending a fortune of money. We has a line of colored gemstone engagement rings that feature blue topaz paired with citrine, ruby with sapphire in a multitude of three stone settings. Colored diamonds, or fancy diamonds, are appealing to the nontraditional bride and also to those getting married for a second time. There is a certain allure of wearing a diamond in a rich pink, yellow, blue or red hue. The fancy yellow diamond, meticulously crafts “fancies” into fantasy rings for lucky brides. Since colored diamonds are so rare and precious, approximately one colored diamond for every 10,000 white, there is a relatively small following, which also adds to the cachet of owning one. This trend is catching on for those with the means. New and Improved Style for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Occasionally, designers will reinvent the classics to be better than the original.

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