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Exclusive diamond Engagement rings welcome you to our store. In this store we have a wide selection of engagement rings not only with diamonds but also with beautiful color gemstones. Our collection of Exclusive ring Resolve around three major gemstones such as Ruby, sapphire, emerald. But we also have a lot of other precious and semi precious gemstones such as Garnet, citrine, amethyst, peridot, iolite, Smoky Quartz, Blue topaz and many more. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Exclusive diamond engagement rings form Jaipur India. We Export all this rings to worldwide to resellers, importers, jewelry stores and branded jewelry shops. We Export Via Speed post and UPS and FedEx. We accept payment via credit card, pay pal, and Bank. We export to USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For individual order we provide Gift boxes for your exclusive diamond engagement ring. Most of our Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings are Handmade or hand crafted . they follow modern as well as tradition style and fashion. We manufacture Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings in 18kt , 14kt , 10kt white and yellow gold. We also offer customize facility to our customer. Same model can be in either Yellow or White. Even stones can be interchange and size can be alter.

Please do not forget to mention you ring size while ordering for your exclusive diamond engagement rings. And Also feel free to ask us any concern or query you have. Rainbow of Color for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Sapphires, rubies and emeralds, once considered the only “appropriate” gemstones able to be incorporated into Silver or Gold engagement rings, are now making way for a rainbow of colorful gemstones engagement ring. Tanzanite, garnet and pink sapphire are just a sampling of gems being used as side stones and occasionally as a center stone. Our Designer loves the idea of women wearing color in their engagement rings without spending a fortune of money. We has a line of colored gemstone engagement rings that feature blue topaz paired with citrine, ruby with sapphire in a multitude of three stone settings. Colored diamonds, or fancy diamonds, are appealing to the nontraditional bride and also to those getting married for a second time. There is a certain allure of wearing a diamond in a rich pink, yellow, blue or red hue. The fancy yellow diamond, meticulously crafts “fancies” into fantasy rings for lucky brides. Since colored diamonds are so rare and precious, approximately one colored diamond for every 10,000 white, there is a relatively small following, which also adds to the cachet of owning one. This trend is catching on for those with the means. New and Improved Style for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Occasionally, designers will reinvent the classics to be better than the original.

This is the case with bezel set diamond engagement rings. Instead of the thin metal border which typically surrounds a diamond in a bezel setting, take has two slightly curved Vs that hold the diamond securely, yet dip down to show the beauty of a diamond’s sides. Diamonds and Gemstones are both prized parts of wedding jewelry. Combining several metals together is also a fresh way to update the classics. Our modern geometric rings combine three shades of gold- white Gold , yellow Gold , and rose Gold in a stackable wedding and engagement rings collection that adds up to triple the beauty. Precious Metal for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Silver and gold are the precious metals of choice for most diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Silver consider as strength and hypoallergenic properties. Gold, also highly desirable, has a sultry hue that is ideal to craft into interesting shapes with outstanding finishes. Gold allow the designers think beyond limits compare then a metal like platinum which is very hard and impractical for jewelers as well as repair of it also a big task Love Rocks for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings It is a fact that women still love the classic round diamond engagement rings with most of brides opting for the round solitaire. At its coattails is the second runner up, the Princess cut. According to some sources 24% of all new brides are choosing this brilliant style shape, which has sharp uncut corners. A new clan of shapes making their debut, offer options for brides seeking a snazzy alternative to the traditional cuts.

The Lady Heart diamond comprised of three half moon shaped gems placed together to form a heart. A Lady Heart is a great alternative to the heart shaped diamond, arguably the most romantic shape, which can be labor intensive to cut and therefore more expensive. Rose Cut diamonds, a style that dates back to the Georgian and Victorian Eras, are seeing a revival. A Rose Cut diamond has a flat bottom with a dome face cut with petal like triangular facets (or plains) for subtle brilliance and reflection. Trendsetting designers are using these unpretentious gems as centers to ethnic rings with scrollwork detailing, resulting in new rings with an Old World feel. Whether shopping for an engagement ring or wedding day jewels, the most important step is to purchase from a reputable jeweler. We are a Associate member of a professional trade association, Gem and Jewellery export promotion council of India (GJEPC).

Every weekend Thousands of weddings take place across the World . Countless hours have gone into planning every detail of the special day. Perhaps the most important decision to make is what type of diamond wedding band to choose. Unlike wedding day attire, wedding bands are the one thing that will be worn everyday for the rest of the couple’s life. When shopping for diamond wedding bands, it is important to find a style that matches each person’s lifestyle and personality. Here are the latest trends in wedding bands: Diamonds Jewelry Galore for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings As of today Diamonds are no longer just a girl’s best friend, Now they are men’s friends too. Men and women alike are choosing to add some sparkle to their wedding bands. For women, diamond eternity bands (a narrow band with diamonds set all around it) are the ultimate choice because they provide the maximum amount of shine and can be worn together with the engagement ring or alone. However, those with active lifestyles or smaller budgets can choose to have a band set halfway with diamonds. For men, flush set princess or round diamonds make a great (and surprisingly manly) addition to a simple band.

Cognac or black diamonds also are great accents to men’s bands. The bottom line is that everyone deserves some diamonds in their life every day. Distinct & Different Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings For those people looking to add something less traditional to their ring finger, a lot of our designs are providing the perfect solution. The mixing of materials is quickly becoming a favorite alternative to a simple band. Our Designer has taken inspiration from nature and old vintage style. He incorporates the style with precious metals such as 18K yellow and white gold as well as silver. Our Designer uses gemstone to give otherwise traditional rings a more modern feel. Besides materials, there are new shapes in wedding bands as well. Diamond Rings no longer just have to be round. Our collection has some rings that are square on the outside and round in the middle for a stylish and comfortable option. Gemstone is always worthy for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Let’s face it, colors makes people feel good. Blue stones like Sapphire can make you feel tranquil while red stones Like Ruby make you feel loved. But when it comes to diamond wedding rings people usually think in terms of white or yellow, that is white or yellow metals. Ladies, it is time to start thinking about the breathtaking hues of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds when choosing wedding bands.

Solid eternity bands of these brilliant gems make wonderful accents to engagement rings or look exceptional when worn alone. A rich, deep hued blue sapphire looks excellent set in a thick White gold men’s wedding band while a large emerald would look masculine when surrounded by a thick, warm, yellow gold band. For The Love of Design for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Diamond Wedding bands and engagement rings are taking cues from eras gone by. The Victorian era was a time for femininity and romance. The Victorians’ appreciation for naturalism, especially their love of gardening, is reflective in jewelry from this period. While vintage pieces are incredible and a wonderful option, new diamond wedding bands are also being engraved with designs that make them look and feel vintage. Designs on wedding bands bring emotion to the wearer. It often reminds them of ring that their Grandmother wears or used to wear. These types of wedding bands are perfect for feminine women who have a love for classic design. Affordable Silver for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings For decades Silver has been growing in popularity. Many of people wear Silver wedding bands . Though it is quickly becoming the metal of choice for all brides and grooms. INDIA a Gem of a country for Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Fine jewelry has always been lauded for its lasting qualities. Borne of the earth, a gift of jewelry made from precious metals and stones becomes an instant heirloom, an especially symbolic display of love that can last throughout generations.

A watch, ring or bracelet inscribed with a message of endearment offers a reminder that life, and most importantly, love must go on. Crosses and Star of David pendants made from gold or platinum will not only serve as sources of faith and hope in the coming days, but for generations to come. A “lucky charm” or pendant allows people to carry a small reminder of loved ones wherever they go. A pendant or earrings made from rubies, sapphires and pearls, or garnets, diamonds and blue topaz are thoughtful reminders of our pride in a wedding A piece of fine diamond jewelry can become one’s talisman-an object that offers not only beauty, but also a sense of comfort or empowerment. Fine diamond jewelry has always been an inherently emotional purchase and there is no boundary that can be placed on human emotions.

Throughout times of unrest, people cling to the sentiments attached to their diamond jewelry. During emotionally wrenching times, experts agree that humans need connectivity to other people in order to sustain our well being, but it is also important to remember to nurture ourselves and to not feel guilty about it. “If you go out and buy something you really love, wear it.” “Delight in the small things. If it’s wearing your favorite watch, if it’s putting on your most glitzy rings, if that’s what turns you on, go for it! The objective is for you to feel good, because you’re the one that has to keep showing up every day no matter what goes on in the world around you.” A beautiful strand of cultured pearls, a brightly colored gemstone cocktail ring, or a simple pair of karat gold earrings can all serve to help us feel better about ourselves Whether it’s reaching out to loved ones, or taking good care of one’s spirit, there’s no purchase more infused with emotion than fine jewelry. Browse Through our great collection of Exclusive Diamond Engagement rings Bookmark our website www.exclusivediamondengagementrings.com Exclusive diamond Engagement rings
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